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Product Description

Course Description:
Are you recently graduated and looking for a job?
Do you want to stand out from the crowd but don’t know how?
Are you searching the internet for tips and tricks, but can’t find the information you need?
Then we made this course for you.

‘Get Hired! – for Graduates’ is the first online course that teaches you everything you need to get a job as a graduate. Developed in cooperation with 15+ professional recruiters, this course provides a comprehensive step-by-step program to redefine the way you approach the job hunting process so that you can save time and land a more fulfilling job.

This action-packed program, with 35 interactive lectures, will make sure you learn everything you need to get hired as a graduate. In fact, this course will shatter any preconceptions you have on how the job market works and will make you grasp the difference between those who get the job with ease and everyone else that doesn’t.

This course is interactive. If you are expecting to just watch videos and not do real work this course won’t be for you. Even though we will guide you through the job hunt process and provide you with all the information you need, you still have to take action to get hired.

After finishing this course you will know how to:
1. Analyze yourself using qualified tests to find out what your qualities and weaknesses are, what you want in a job and what type of person you are.
2. Create a personal brand that works, using your new self-knowledge to build a resume that stands out and a powerful LinkedIn Profile.
3. Use multiple job search strategies and discover so-called ‘invisible’ job openings using the right networking techniques.
4. Create an irresistible application by tailoring your resume to the position and company and writing a compelling cover letter
5. Prepare for and do the right things during the job interview to ensure you’ll get hired.

What are the requirements?
-The motivation to improve your job hunting skills
-The motivation to take action and not only watch video’s

What am I going to get from this course?
Over 35 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
In this course you will learn how to get a job as soon as possible, by:
1. Analyzing your own personality, qualities, points of improvement and motivation
2. Building a powerful resume and creating a Linkedin profile that stands out
3. Using multiple job search strategies to discover as much job openings as possible
4. Tailoring your resume to the company and position, and writing a persuasive cover letter
5. Preparing in the right way for the job interview, and do the right things during and after the interview.
To ultimately get hired!

What is the target audience?
Recent Graduates that are looking for a job
Students that are planning to start preparing for their job search


Getting Started


  • Course Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Developing a Mindset for Success
  • Why Graduates Don’t Get Hired



  • Self-Analysis Overview
  • What Kind of Person Are You?
  • What Are You Good At?
  • What Do You Want?

Creating a Unique Personal Brand


  • Creating a Personal Brand – Overview
  • 5 Powerful Resume Rules
  • Writing Your Resume in 7 Simple Steps
  • LinkedIn Basics
  • 5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Job Searching


  • Job Searching – Overview
  • How To Target Your Job Search
  • Using Multiple Job Searching Strategies
  • Networking Your Way to a Job
  • 3 Ways to Create Networking Opportunities
  • Advanced Networking
  • Job Searching Wrap Up

Applying for Jobs


  • Applying for Jobs – Overview
  • Researching Company & Position in 3 Steps
  • Tweaking Your Resume
  • 6 Ways to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out
  • Writing Your Cover Letter in 9 Simple Steps
  • How To Ask For Feedback After Being Rejected

Job Interview


  • Job Interview – Overview
  • Researching
  • How To Prepare Answers to Interview Questions
  • Making a Great First Impression
  • 5 Things You Should Do During the Interview
  • Following Up After the Interview
  • How to Get Feedback From Unsuccessful Job Interviews

Course Conclusion


  • Summary
  • Next Steps


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