Welcome to our courses page! All of the courses we offer are chosen to improve the careers and lifestyles of civil engineering students, graduates and professionals. They are all taught by experts in their fields and are guaranteed to provide you tremendous value. Our course list covers many topics so you are sure to find something helpful and useful. We will also be adding new courses on a regular basis as we follow the latest trends in what is most useful for civil engineering professionals in their careers.

Most of our courses are taught in video format but all include forms of multimedia for clear instruction and optimal content retention. All of our courses include a certificate of completion at the end of the course with professional development hours (PDH) for licensed engineers or those that need to meet PDH requirements in their field of expertise.

Assertiveness at Work (Online Course)

Most people believe assertiveness is about being aggressive and just saying “no”. This is not true. The truth is assertiveness is actually the ability to behave and communicate with others in a strong and confident way. This is why it is so important to be assertive at work. In this course, you will learn how […]


Business Leadership for Success (Online Course)

PRE-LAUNCH PRICING – SIGN UP NOW FOR 50% SAVINGS What Separates Top Income Earners From Everyone Else? Did you know that the biggest thing that separates successful people from those that are not, is one thing…Leadership. Leadership also determines how much income you will make. The better of a leader you are the more zeros […]

$20.00 $10.00

Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking (Online Course)

FREE COURSE COMING SOON! This course is meant to teach one thing – and one thing alone. How to get over the fear of speaking in public! How to handle the anxiety that comes over when you approach the stage or stand in front of an audience. That’s it. This is a focused exposition on […]


Essential Lessons for Professionals (Online Course)

PRE-LAUNCH PRICING – SIGN UP NOW FOR 50% SAVINGS This course is the ULTIMATE GUIDE for all professionals in the working world. How much easier would you career be if you have a guide on what skills to development? This course is all about developing professionals to have long lasting careers by giving them the […]

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Get Hired! – For Graduates (Online Course)

Course Description: Are you recently graduated and looking for a job? Do you want to stand out from the crowd but don’t know how? Are you searching the internet for tips and tricks, but can’t find the information you need? Then we made this course for you. ‘Get Hired! – for Graduates’ is the first […]

How to Answer the Most Common Interview Questions (Online Course)

FREE COURSE COMING SOON! Are you scared of Job Interviews? Learn what to include and what to avoid in your answer when you prepare the answers to the toughest common interview questions. Become confident and ready to answer the most common interview questions asked during any job interview using the points and tips presented in […]


Jump Start Your Presentation Skills Today (Online Course)

PRE-LAUNCH PRICING – SIGN UP NOW FOR 50% SAVINGS Presentation skills are so important. Studies show that the biggest #1 fear people have is public speaking- (yes even more than death!) In the Book of Lists public speaking was #1 and death was #3! In this program Shawn Doyle CSP, a professional speaker will share […]

$30.00 $15.00

Start a Successful Civil Engineering Company (Online Course)

How to Start a Successful Civil Engineering Company will teach you everything from A to Z about starting a successful civil engineering company from scratch. Instructor Joe Sturtevant, PE puts his 18 years of experience in starting two civil engineering consulting companies into this course to help you launch your own civil engineering company the right way.

Stronger Socials Skills and Higher Confidence (Online Course)

What am I going to get from this course? A happier, more fulfilling career and social life The skills to increase confidence…in anything! Be able to disarm negative interactions with three words The scientifically proven two minute technique that gives you an instant boost of confidence Get out of your comfort zone with a simple […]

The Ultimate Civil PE Review Course

The Ultimate Civil PE Review Course is brought to you by The Civil Engineering Academy.  It's all answered here and more! Whether you are just starting out, you've been burned by taking the test before, or you just need help, this is the place to be to get a complete review of the entire breadth portion of the PE exam. Yep, start to finish.